30 Questions to Ask During Your Next Interview Remote-Friendly

Asking the right questions can really demonstrate your interest in the role. A top with an interesting print might help to convey your creativity or dynamism. A tidy knit pullover or a nice cotton shirt will demonstrate that you have considered your appearance during a remote interview.

Use these foolproof and remote-friendly questions to ask your interviewer to get the job you want. We’ve got plenty of tools in place to allow for remote interviews – things like Google Meet and Zoom for video chats, and for the more technical stuff, Coderpad and Mural. The benefits of having access, speed, and ease are unrivalled, but you need to do your bit to ace this relatively new process. Based on research by the authors, here are ways to set yourself apart during virtual interviews. Interviewing is a two-way street, so it’s important that you’re getting to know us just as much as we’re getting to know you. It’s a great opportunity to ask the hiring manager about their communication style and working norms or ask peers about the team dynamic and challenging parts of the role.

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Also, be deliberate in creating a good impression for the candidate. Choose a professional background free of clutter and anything that might be distracting during the conversation. Applicants can select interview times, and you can track appointments online. Set up the appointment slots to match your available interview times, and set the duration based on your appointment needs. Not getting back to candidates quickly or at all can cause them to leave bad reviews online about your company harming your reputation. If it can be avoided why risk bringing someone in for an in-office interview especially if you end up not hiring them.

how remote interview process looks like

This way, you’ll avoid candidates that don’t have what it takes to apply or candidates that don’t align with your company. Many employers conduct pre-employment skills assessments or ask employees to complete a sample project during the interview process. Anyone can claim to possess a skill, but these techniques provide proof of an applicant’s abilities in addition to offering insight into how they work. I polled our team of 30 recruitment practitioners, and they overwhelmingly agreed that being authentic and present is the number one piece of advice they have for candidates looking for remote work. Now that most of us work remotely, we realize how it could be tempting to read prepared answers during an interview or give a presentation by reading directly from your notes. Embracing the opportunity to connect from a distance and letting your genuine self radiate through the screen will resonate much better with the team and company with whom you’re interviewing.

Start by Assessing the Company Culture

You may like to hear how your interviewer found his or her current role at the company. If the role is entry-level versus senior leadership, the answer will naturally be quite different. Make sure the answer given by the interviewer matches your expectation. Let’s say you really do like interacting with other teams at the company and working cross-functionally.

To attract the best talent, hiring managers need to implement a structured recruitment and interview process. Only then can they consistently build their talent pipeline and attract the most exceptional talent to their organization. If you or the candidate are working from home, a common issue that can arise is bandwidth. If multiple people remote interview meaning are online in a house at the same time, this can occasionally cause delays with video conferencing tools. To address such issues, you can opt to disable the video function on the application you’re using during the interview. This way you’ll still be able to maintain a conversation with the candidate, albeit without the visuals.

What kind of growth could I expect in this role after a year or two years?

Don’t miss our guide to finding a new remote job with all the best practices you’ve been looking for. This is a time to ask about company values and corporate or organizational culture topics. If you’re job hunting right now, chances are you’re also interviewing remotely. Conducting a remote interview can be an effective part of the digital hiring experience. Following these steps will improve the experience and outcome for everyone participating in the interview.

  • Zimmerman said that ultimately job seekers are already managing job search like a “side hustle,” which can be a stressful process in itself.
  • Rather than pushing on working hours, ask your candidates their usual methodologies and tools.
  • In addition, 77% also believe that hiring employees virtually improves their candidate’s experience.